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hanging AC

Caring for your comfort is our number one goal

We often receive phone calls in the warmer months from customers who tell us they have an elderly person, someone who is ill, or a newborn at home and they are without AC. If they are a maintenance agreement customer, we guarantee we will be at their home within 24 hours (usually much less) to fix the issue. If the caller is not a maintenance agreement customer, they may have to wait longer to have someone come to their home for a repair. We don’t want anyone to have to wait, but as the weather gets hotter, we get much busier!

When I was a customer service representative, I spoke to several customers who were experiencing an issue with their AC on a hot day and needed to wait for a repair. I asked them if they had an alternative means to cool their home, or at least an area of their home. This is particularly important if there is someone who needs to have their temperature regulated for health and well-being issues. The response is usually, “Why would I need an alternative?”

Now, we would love to say that the heating and air conditioning systems we install, and service will never break down and continue to work for 100% of their life (this will be more likely with regular maintenance), but life happens and sometimes there are hiccups.

You may have lost power due to a storm (have you considered a generator if you don’t have one? We install those as well!). Otherwise, in most cases, a dirty filter needs to be changed, a simple part (which we carry on our vehicles) needs to be replaced or the vents in the home need to be adjusted. However, there are times when the problem can be more complicated and may require a special part to be ordered before the problem can be fixed. This is why preventative maintenance is vitally important. Reiner can help your system avoid breakdowns or issues by giving it a yearly checkup!

Our goal is to make sure our customers are comfortable and safe. We believe we provide the best maintenance and repair services in the industry, but as a precaution, it isn’t a bad idea to keep a window AC or portable AC unit or install a ductless unit as a backup in case you are ever without air conditioning until we can get to you.

To find out more about preventative maintenance agreements and schedule a service or repair, call us today. We are available 24/7/365.

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