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The Unexpected Gift Of Comfort

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Preventative Maintenance Agreements are a great holiday gift!

Who wants a practical gift for the holidays? Yuck. Although some of us think that’s a great idea, most of us would prefer to get something fun or exciting. But, if you’ve ever been without heat in your home on a freezing winter day or night, you may agree that a Preventative Maintenance contract looks enticing.

Here are a few reasons to consider purchasing a maintenance agreement this holiday season!

They’re more affordable than you think and can save you money!

The holidays are when we look for ways to save as we spend so much money on gifts and special events. Not only do you pay a low yearly rate to cover the equipment in your home, but you also prevent issues from arising that could cost you thousands! Not to mention the money you will save on utility bills.

They help to prevent safety hazards.

Maintaining your system on a regular basis can keep your system running smoothly but can also help to catch safety issues like gas or water leaks and electrical issues that could be fire hazards.

They offer peace of mind.

You can relax this winter knowing that your system has been well cared for and will be reliable, run better, and last longer. Plus, you have Reiner at the ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, in the evening, on weekends and holidays!

So, consider the gift of home comfort this holiday season. Wrap it up with a sweater set, or stuff it in a stocking! Preventative Maintenance agreements are a gift that never stops giving.

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