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We Need You To Review!

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The Importance of Online Reviews

The title may say it all, but this blog will focus on exactly why online reviews are so important and why we appreciate every one.

Years ago, word of mouth was the only way to get feedback or a recommendation for a product, service, or company. You relied on your friends, family, and neighbors to help you decide based on their personal experience. Today, online reviews are the new word of mouth and the once, small group of reliable people giving you suggestions has grown to thousands.

According to BrightLocal, “87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2020 – up from 81% in 2019.” How many times have you Googled or visited a company’s website to see if you want to use their services or buy their product, but first checked the reviews? The more reviews, the more you may be apt to use a service or purchase an item. After all, if that many people are satisfied, you will be too! You can also look to social media for help when trying to decide. You can post a request for suggestions and your list of friends and acquaintances can chime in whereas, without this source, you may be limited to only a few opinions.

Online reviews are valuable to consumers, but they’re valuable to companies as well. Forbes Magazine’s article,Online Reviews And Their Impact on The Bottom Line states that“online reviews lead to increased visibility to customers, especially within search results”. Simply put, more reviews help businesses grow.

Reiner Group, Inc. knows the value of online reviews and feedback from our customers. We encourage all our customers to leave reviews for our employees. Posting a review for an employee not only helps our company, but it also helps to motivate and give our team the incentive to continue providing the best service possible. It helps to boost their confidence as well as our online presence.

We truly appreciate your business and hope the next time you receive exceptional service from Reiner Group, Inc. please consider leaving us a positive review of your experience. Your technician or mechanic will ask you for your mobile number or email and you should soon receive a review request. Positive reviews help others to feel confident in using us for their heating and cooling needs

Thank you again for your business and thank you for choosing Reiner!


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