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The Raw (Material) Truth

different types of steel

The shortage can affect you, but Reiner can help

As we are all aware, the effects of Covid will be with us for a while. The consequences of the pandemic didn’t only take a toll on the health of the world; it also made an impact on the economy and a multitude of industries including the HVAC industry. With this information comes some not-so-great news as well as some good news.

The not-so-great news: If you have thought about starting a major home improvement project or renovation, you will have noticed that the price of everything has gone up dramatically. Raw materials are in short supply and high demand. With the lack of people in the workforce to produce raw materials, including metal, it is more difficult to produce household appliances including HVAC equipment and the components that make them work.

Unfortunately, many HVAC distributors and installers don’t have the ability to purchase and stock extra heating and cooling units, or the parts needed to keep them running. With this shortage and the fact that it may continue into the next year, it is advised that if you are interested in installing a new HVAC system, you do so ASAP!

The good news: Reiner Group, Inc. is an established, well-respected, and reliable company in the HVAC industry. As we are an award-winning Lennox Premier Dealer and a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond dealer, we have strong relationships with our equipment and part suppliers. Therefore, foreseeing there would be a material shortage, we worked with them to ensure we have extra equipment and parts stocked and ready to go for our customers.

Our customer service representatives and sales team are ready and waiting to set up appointments for free estimates for installations and replacements. If you are considering a new system, or want to replace your existing system, give us a call today!

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