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5 Reasons To Call The Professionals

Safety (know your limitations)

You may want to take a stab at whatever is stopping your HVAC system from working correctly. However, if you begin to tinker with your HVAC equipment without true knowledge of its parts, you may end up injuring, electrocuting, or poisoning yourself.

YouTube is helpful, but it doesn’t certify its viewers in HVAC repair

YouTube is great when you need help with an easy fix or if you need to change a filter or water panel. However, HVAC professionals are highly trained in their field. Reiner continues to train our technicians and mechanics to ensure their skills remain sharp. You may think you’ll be able to save money by attempting the work yourself, but it may end up costing you more in the end.

Misdiagnosing the system

Even if you are somewhat familiar with your HVAC system, you may diagnose it incorrectly. If you are correct in diagnosing the issue, you may have trouble finding the correct replacement part. HVAC companies have connections to suppliers who have parts that may be hard to find or no longer available to the public. Installing the wrong part could lead to even more (expensive) issues than you had originally.

Warranties could become null and void.

When you had your system installed, you may have also received a warranty. If anyone other than the company who installed the system performs work (including yourself), any warranty you have may no longer apply. Be sure to double check your warranty before moving forward with any service or repair.

The final reason you should leave it to the professionals, we’re always available!

Reiner Group, Inc. is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Receive even more benefits with our preventative maintenance agreements for your home or business.

We hope that these points have convinced you to leave your HVAC system in the hands of a seasoned professional. Let us take care of your, your family and your home’s air.

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