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Overcome, Don’t Come Undone

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Getting Better Together 6 Feet Apart

No one could have expected that 2020 would change the way we all live our lives. The pandemic, as it swept across the world, brought with it anxiety and fear. It completely changed the way we interact with the world around us. Yet, instead of it being the downfall of our communities and the cause of our social demise, we rose to the challenge to fight this invisible force. We have come together even though we must remain so far apart.

In these difficult times we realized we overlooked vitally important members of our community. We are of course, ever so thankful First responders and health care workers. They have taken care of all of us. Whether we were being treated for an illness, or just listening to their advice on how to stay healthy and “flatten the curve.” However, we also realized the importance of truck drivers, retail/grocery store workers, utility workers, delivery drivers, warehouse workers, cleaners, postal workers, and heating and air conditioning technicians/mechanics. All these people have put their work ahead of their safety knowing that we need to keep the world going. For all of them we are truly thankful.

Thanks to our essential workers we know the world will keep going. They have allowed us to focus on spending much needed quality time with our families. Much of that time being spent in the “great indoors”. People have come up with creative ways to spend their time together like theme nights, indoor/backyard camping, baking/cooking, games and arts and crafts. Many have also spent their time making masks and face shields to help keep members of our communities and essential workers safer.

Video calls have also boomed as we are making the extra effort to stay in touch with friends, family, and co-workers. So many of us are using this time to reach out to those with whom we have lost touch. A friend of mine who lives in Brooklyn created a “socially distant social club” where friends could post about anything but COVID-19. The love and support coming through our devices is overwhelming and reminds me that so much good still exists in the world. Like many, I also took advantage of video calls with my co-workers to discuss that we are taking the right steps to keep our technicians and customers safe when entering their homes and businesses to perform an installation or service.

When we do venture into the “great outdoors”, we are getting to know our neighborhoods better. I have been taking walks around my neighborhood and have met so many people (at a social distance of course) that I never knew or have spoken to before. We have bonded over something that was seemingly designed to keep people apart. We have offered advice about kids, pets, gardens, home renovations, in home services and what store has the shortest lines. We have offered to “pick a few things up” at the store for neighbors we know cannot leave their homes due to age or compromised immune systems.

We have found ways to simplify and enjoy life. We are trying to keep stress to a minimum because, as we all now know, it is the little things that make a big difference. We are riding bicycles, walking, exercising in our living rooms or taking classes on zoom. We are seeking out new ways to stay happy and healthy in this upside-down environment.

As a heating and air conditioning company we knew it was essential for us to stay open to be readily available for not only our residential customers, but our commercial customers as well. As Reiner knows so many of us are spending more time inside, we are committed to providing you with more comfortable and healthier indoor environments. Your air is our priority and we are working hard to install and maintain your heating, air conditioning and air purification systems. We hope that we are not only providing you with a service, but also giving you peace of mind so you can breathe easier and live better.

Be well, take care and we will get through this together.

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