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Reiner is Feeling the Love!

feel the love campaign

Third time is just as charming

Saturday, October 9, 2021, was our third year participating in Lennox’s Feel the Love program. Feel the Love provides Lennox dealers the opportunity to help someone deserving in their community by giving them the gift of comfort. We were able to provide this gift to Maryann Roberts of Pequannock, NJ. Maryann was nominated by her friend, and Reiner employee, Jean Marmo and is more than deserving.

Maryann, her husband Lou, and their children have lived in Pequannock since the mid-1980s. They were highly involved in their community and although they had a few struggles along the way, they were happy. However, Lou started to suffer from early-onset Alzheimer’s in his 50s. Maryann did her best to take care of him for the last 10 years, his decline made it difficult for her to provide the care he needed. Maryann made the tough decision to place him into a care facility where his needs could be met.

Although she is surrounded by her friends, neighbors, and family, Maryann lives alone. Lou was the main caretaker of the house, and the upkeep has been difficult for her as well as expensive. She expressed to us that her main concern isn’t even her own comfort, it’s the comfort of her grandchildren that she worries about the most. They spend a lot of time her home and she doesn’t want to have to worry that the heat will fail when they are staying with her. She also is concerned about her grandson who suffers from asthma. She was thrilled to find out that part of her installation included a MERV filter that would help clean the air in her house making it easier for her and her grandchildren to breathe.

On Installation Day our volunteers arrived bright and early at Maryann’s house ready to install a whole new replacement system. The new condenser, furnace, coil, and humidifier were carefully installed by our team who not only installed the system but also took the time to explain how it worked and how to use the thermostat to control the temperature.

Along with the installation, we took care of a couple of other small projects. Our electrician, Drew Ferrari was able to rewire a lamp in Maryann’s basement to provide more light over her laundry area. Our plumber, Ken Conklin took the time to check Maryann’s sump pump to make sure it was in good working order in preparation for the unpredictable winter weather.

It was a full day filled with hard work, but worth every minute of seeing the look on Maryann’s face knowing that she would be safe and warm in her home. It helped to put her mind at ease so she could fully focus on her Family.

Reiner makes it a part of our mission as a company to give back to our community. The support of our customers allows us to participate in programs like Feel the Love. Please keep us in mind when looking for HVAC service, repair, or installation. We are available to our customers 24 hours a day seven days a week. Never hesitate to call if you need us. We’ll be there for you.

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