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The Truth About Diagnostic Fees

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What is an HVAC diagnostic fee and what does it include?

Our customers often ask us why they pay a diagnostic fee when they call us to look at an issue with their heating or cooling systems. Customers sometimes believe this fee is only to have the technician come to their home. We want to clarify diagnostic fees, why it’s separate from other charges, and what the diagnosis entails.

What is a diagnostic fee?

A diagnostic fee is not a trip fee. Upon the technician’s arrival, they will be running a complete diagnosis of your system. Plus, as they come prepared with a van fully stocked with common parts and the proper tools, our technician may be able to fix your issue the same day without needing to return.

Why is the diagnostic fee a separate charge?

We decided to be upfront about the diagnostic fee because we want to break down what our customers are paying for during their service or repair. We don’t feel it isn’t fair to hide fees within the repair or service charges.

What does an HVAC diagnostic check include?

Depending on the system, the technician will check and run a diagnosis of:

  • Thermostats
  • Filters
  • Electrical connections
  • Motors
  • Blowers
  • System controls
  • Drains
  • Refrigerant levels
  • Condensate coil
  • Fuel lines
  • Pressures
  • Heat Exchanger

If the technician finds an issue with the system, they may be able to offer a flat rate to remedy the issue at that time. However, if the technician needs to order a part, they will contact our parts department for pricing, and provide the customer with a quote for repair. Once the parts arrive, the parts department will schedule a time for the technician to return to make the repair.

How can you save money on an HVAC diagnostic fee and other charges?

The best way to save on a diagnostic fee is by signing up for our preventative maintenance agreement. Maintenance agreement customers enjoy a 50% discount on diagnostic charges. They also receive a 10% discount on parts (including specialty filters), 24/7 emergency service, and yearly maintenance on systems covered by the plan. Regular maintenance can prevent issues from occurring, saving them even more.

Reiner prides itself on a personalized customer experience. From the time you call to schedule an appointment to your installation or service, we want you to feel that you are our only customer. We work with integrity and honesty and are always here to answer your HVAC questions. Give us a call today!

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