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What’s That Scary Noise?

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We uncover those frightful noises you hear in the night

Do you live in a haunted house? Are there monsters under the bed or skeletons in your closet? No, it could be your heating and air conditioning system giving you chills at night or making you sweat with fear. Here are a few noises our customers call us about and what they really mean.

Metal grinding or screeching metal sounds

No, Freddy Kruger is not warning you of his presence. It may be that the blower fan’s bearings don’t have enough lubrication.


Should you run for the hills? Is there an intruder in your home? You’ve escaped danger this time because it’s likely something loose on your heating equipment. It could be a loose exterior or interior panel or a loose part inside the unit.

Squealing or whining

Are there ghouls in the basement? No, but it could be your blower motor on the fritz or a loose or broken fan belt.

Banging or booming

Poltergeist? Carol Ann could probably tell you, but she would be more likely to suggest you call Reiner because there might be an accumulation of dust on the burner of your furnace that can ignite due to gas building up and burning the dust. If you have a boiler, it may also be air inside the pipes.

You can be the hero of this horror movie. Start by being prepared! Purchase a preventative maintenance plan and have Reiner perform seasonal maintenance on your heating equipment yearly to prevent issues before they start! If you do encounter a situation where repair is needed, your preventative maintenance plan means you never have to worry because we are here for you 24/7/365.

Don’t be scared, be prepared with Reiner!

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