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Feel The Love 4- The Giveback Continues

feel the love campaign

FEEL THE LOVE nominations are open now!

We’re coming into August and not only are we feeling the heat, but we’re also Feeling the love! It’s the time of year when we ask for nominations for our FEEL THE LOVE program in partnership with Lennox.

This is Reiner Group’s fourth year participating in the FEEL THE LOVE program. FEEL THE LOVE along with Lennox, allows Reiner Group the privilege of installing a new gas-powered furnace or AC condenser in the home of one special person or family.

We’re looking for anyone in your community who is a first responder, essential worker, veteran, or anyone you feel is deserving of this gift. It could be because of their dedication to a cause, dedication to their community, or because they fell on hard times and could not afford to replace or install a new furnace or condenser on their own.

Nominations close on August 31, 2022, and the recipient will be chosen soon after. So please, go to today to nominate someone who you think deserves to FEEL THE LOVE!

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