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What We Are Thankful For In 2020

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At Reiner we are thankful for every year, and even though 2020 was an exception, we have to say we are once again very thankful.

We are thankful that we have not lost any of our employees to illness, we are thankful we were able to keep our doors open and keep our staff employed. We are thankful that our loyal customers (and new customers as well) feel comfortable letting us into their homes because they know we take their safety as seriously as we take our own. We are thankful that we can all work together toward the common goal of getting back to some sense of normalcy.

Through the height of the pandemic, we were able to provide our customers the service, repair, and installations of heating and cooling equipment they needed to keep their homes and businesses running. We also worked with customers on their air purifications systems to help provide them with the cleanest air possible using high efficiency filters. We are thankful we were able to provide our customers with a sense of security amid the chaos.

During this time when many services were not available and we were all spending more time at home, people began to realize how important HVAC is to their lives. We have received countless positive reviews from our customers regarding their appreciation of us taking extra steps to keep them safe while providing them with exceptional service. We are thankful we were able to provide comfort, both physically and mentally.

We have much to be thankful this year and although we have all faced difficulty in 2020, we have hope the future will be bright.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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