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Not Your Typical HVAC Company

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Reiner Group, Inc. and My Start in the Heating and Air Conditioning Industry

As this is Reiner’s first blog and as I am a relatively new employee, I want to share my experience so you can have a better idea of who Reiner is and what we stand for.

When I started working at Reiner Group, Inc. in 2016, I was coming from a Fortune 500 industrial supply company that had been in business about the same amount of time as my new employer. The fact that they are both industrial companies (both providing heating and air conditioning products) and have 80 plus years of business under their belt is where the similarities ended.

I had always worked for a mega corporation. Like many people, I thought this was the way to go. The “best” pay and benefits and the comfort of knowing they will be around in the future. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Similar to many other industries, the newest technology affected peoples’ jobs and some were demoted, resigned or let go. Internet shopping killed the brick and mortar store.

I was lucky enough to have Reiner Group, Inc. one of the most well-known and well-respected heating and air conditioning companies in the area as one of my contacts while working for my former employer. They became aware I gave my notice at my former job and offered me a position as a dispatcher for a branch they were opening in my area. After a few months of working in their Fairfield office, they decided against opening a new branch and planned to invest in new software instead. My heart sank. I thought, here we go again. Another company replacing employees with technology.

To my surprise Reiner Group kept me on as an employee, finding work for me to do throughout my first Summer at the company which included working in the Installation, Service and Residential Agreement Departments. It was then that I spoke with my manager who told me they were looking to build a Marketing Department. Although they were aware of my background with Industrial parts, I voiced my experience and educational background in Marketing and Promotions and began to get involved in marketing the business of heating and air conditioning.

After a year with Reiner, I sat back and thought about my experiences here. I have never worked for a family-owned and operated company and realized this was the best company I have ever worked for.

All employees are considered family and family comes first. People work together, support each other and truly care about each other’s wellbeing. The company consistently shows their appreciation for the work performed and therefore earn the loyalty and respect of their staff.

As I continue to work here and branch out into other areas, I can feel myself wanting to learn more about the business of heating and air conditioning. I recently began to record the installations of new HVAC equipment in residential homes. This has peaked my curiosity of how the equipment we sell and service works. I have spent time with our installers who enjoy telling me about the work they do and feel a true sense of accomplishment once the job is complete. You can find the HVAC Installation videos, as well as other informative videos, under the “Resources” tab on our website, our YouTube channel and on our social media pages.

This experience has allowed me to serve customers better by helping to explain our process from the initial estimate, through installation and finally to service. It has also helped me develop relationships in different departments and areas of the company.

In my 3 years at Reiner, I have never felt such a sense of belonging and willingness to go above and beyond for my company, co-workers and customers.

This is my story and this is why I want everyone to consider Reiner Group, Inc. for their heating and air conditioning needs. The love and dedication they have for their employees extends to their customers.

I am family, you are family, we are Reiner.

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